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A space in which to discover your place of calm. Somewhere you can explore your holistic health needs and find what works helping you to be the best you yet.

Signature health space program

Signature health Space

12 week body transformation program



This 12 week body transformation program is a brilliant way to address specific health concerns, making significant and lasting change.

Features include:

  • A 75 minute initial consultation and two 45 minute follow up consultations

  • A bespoke nutrition plan complete with exercise, lifestyle & supplement recommendations.

  • A focus on addressing and alleviating your specific health concerns (e.g. arthritis, diabetes & menopause)

  • Improving GUT function, reducing any digestive issues

  • Introducing new positive and mindful eating behaviours to support lasting change

  • Reducing cravings and stabilising blood sugar levels

  • Menu ideas, recipe inspiration and food planning guidance

  • Understanding the power of nutrition and allowing food to become medicine for the body

The 12 week program will leave you feeling…

  • Lighter (both in mind & body)

  • Empowered and in control of your eating

  • Body confident

  • Rested & rejuvenated

  • Clearheaded & focused

  • Clearer in complexion