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PERSONALISED PROCESSES TO Strenthen your systems


The journey towards building a more positive relationship with your body (and what you put in it) begins with an initial consultation. Armed with a pre-completed three-day food diary, Beanie will build a picture of your health by examining each bodily system, closely investigating past medical history and current symptoms, as well as performing dietary and lifestyle analysis to create a personalised nutritional programme.

You’ll work together in follow-up consultations to discuss the successes, challenges and achievements of the plan. When necessary, clinical testing can be employed to assess suspected imbalances, intolerances, allergies, hormone profiles, genetics, microbiome analysis and parasites.


Packages can be tailored to you that last anything from a couple of sessions, to more long-term transformative processes over twelve weeks, or a year. The benefits gained from an ongoing relationship range from the surface level – better body confidence, habits and physical strength – to much deeper lifestyle transformation: higher energy levels, boosted mood, as well as stronger focus, confidence and mental resilience. 

Managing your nutrition can keep you out of trouble with your doctor – but it  also works reactively. Nutritional planning is an essential part of effectively living with a wide range of conditions, such as diabetes, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, skin conditions and musculoskeletal issues.

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SESSIONS and Programs

(Skype and FaceTime sessions available)

Initial consultations (approximately 75 minutes).

Follow-up consultations (approximately 45 minutes).

12 week total body reset program (1 initial consultation and 3 follow-ups).

Longer bespoke programs carry a discount; get in touch to find out more.