the health space
A space in which to discover your place of calm. Somewhere you can explore your holistic health needs and find what works helping you to be the best you yet.
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What is the health Space?

The Health Space is a London practice designed to build healthier minds, bodies and – dare we say it – souls. We provide a range of holistic therapies that work in concert to help you tackle modern life’s stresses and challenges, allowing you to be your best and stay that way.

Whether it’s talking therapy, nutritional consultancy, recentring yourself with yoga or an indulgent massage, sisters Beanie and Francesca have created The Health Space to get right to the heart of your individual needs with bespoke, affordable treatments. At its heart is the belief that truly holistic healthcare is the best way to stay fit, happy and healthy in the long term.


”The health space were heavenly to work with and offered grounding advice that really got my life back on track”

— Emily Broughton